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The Sleek Line | Tan Fish Leather Wallet

Fish Leather Wallets. Yes, it’s a thing! The most fabulous and interesting wallet you will ever buy. The fish skin leather is a by-product of fish caught in Lake Victoria, Kenya, making your wallet eco-friendly. These wallets are hand-cut and hand-stitched.

Why the Sleek Line Tan Fish Leather Wallet Stands Out from the Crowd:

  • Unique- due to the distinctive pattern of the scales. No one you know has a wallet like this. 
  • Durable- Fishskin leather has multiple crisscrossing layers, unlike other leather with parallel layers. This makes it especially strong and resilient - it will provide you years of handsome service.
  • Sustainable- most fishskin goes to waste. We turn skins from fileted fish into beautiful leather and wallets for you. You are now a pioneer of sustainable leather.
  • Handmade by women and men around Lake Victoria. Thanks for providing work to lake Victoria fishing communities.