Fish Leather • Bifold - Standard | Grey

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Fish Leather Wallets. Yes, it’s a thing! The most fabulous and interesting wallet you will ever buy. The fish skin leather  is a by-product of fish caught in Lake Victoria, Kenya, making your wallet eco-friendly. These fish skin leather wallets are hand-cut and hand-stitched.

What you'll love about our Fish Leather Wallets

✔ Unique - due to the distinctive pattern of the scales. No one you know has a wallet like this.
✔ Durable- Fish skin leather has multiple crisscrossing layers, unlike other leather with parallel layers. This makes it especially strong and resilient - it will provide you years of handsome service.
✔ Sustainable- most fish skin goes to waste. We turn skins from filleted fish into beautiful leather and wallets for you. You are now a pioneer of sustainable leather.
✔ Handmade by women and men around Lake Victoria. Thanks for providing work to lake Victoria fishing communities.

Slim Details

✔ Six card slots.
✔ Two hidden slots between the cash sleeve and the cards slots
✔ Perfect for your back pocket: 4.1” wide x 2.8” tall x 0.3” thick
✔ Ultra-thin Leather - each piece of leather is graded to 0.9mm thin
✔ Great for US and Canadian bills.



Wealth inequality is a story of gender and racial inequality. We believe that providingopportunities to traditionally underrepresented people is the best way to make adifference. Vote for equality with how you spend your money. Buy black owned. Buywoman owned.


We are committed to providing dignified work for communities in Africa. We want to make a better future by doing right in the present. We work with local craftspeople, driven to share African products with the rest of the world. We’re aiming to build 500 jobs for people who have been left behind by the global economy.


Your dollars are not going to some mega corporation or factory, they’re going to a good cause that will benefit generations to come. Our business is not only driven by profit, but with a mission to lift people out of generational poverty. We support local industry - even the cotton we use is grown and processed in East Africa. Additionally, we use a portion of our profits to provide education to girls in rural Kenya.


Our products are made with sustainably grown cotton, recycled materials, and free rangeleathers. Sustainable industry is key to a thriving planet for everyone. Our products arenot made in a corporate factory, they're made with care to benefit generations to come.We do not package our products in plastic.

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