Owner & Founder

Cera Muchiri

Some people have a passion for design first, and then build a business around that. Cera expresses her creativity from the other side: understanding what customers want and need and finding fairtrade raw materials from East Africa - and then creating the designs. She found a wonderful woman-owned cotton mill that weaves beautiful canvas  who sources the cotton from a small cotton co-op where farmers are guaranteed prices before they plant. Cera started designing bags. When she met the tanners who produce beautiful leather (including fish skin leather), she started designing for leather. 

Cera spends the first part of the year producing and designing in Kenya, while nurturing  her relationships in Kenya. She spends the rest of the year in the US, building the business here. As she likes to say, “We’re bi-local,” bridging her two communities across two continents and an ocean.

Lead Tailor

Mike Mutinda Muoki

Mike went to college for telecommunications, but started making bags to help finance his education. As soon as he graduated, he knew that making bags was his passion and before the ink dried on his diploma, he became a bagmaker. 

Mike was the first tailor to join Ecodunia. He works closely with Cera, bringing his creative passion for bags to solve challenges and helping Ecodunia make world-class bags. As the head tailor, he helps train new talent and keeps the workshop running smoothly when Cera is in the US. 

Head of Sales and Marketing

Matthew Temple

Matthew is a film producer who believes that good stories need to be told. He joined Ecodunia because the best stories sometimes come to life in the real world. Ecodunia is where a good story has become a great reality. He has run several production companies, including serving as VP of Production and Development for Mili Picture International, and now brings that expertise to the operations and logistics of international, fairtrade production.  

As a storyteller and producer, Matthew was a fierce advocate for underrepresented voices in Hollywood. Here, he brings that same passion to Ecodunia.

Supplier Relations

Robert Mwaura

Robert started out helping to manage the books on the weekends, but quickly fell in love with the work and mission of Ecodunia. More and more, his free time was spent helping source materials, build new relationships with contractors, making sure our shipments were sent on time. He no longer volunteers, but his excitement for what Ecodunia is doing in his community only grows stronger as he is now a full member of the team.

Tailor of the Month

Naomi Omondi

Queen of straight lines and the perfect stitch, Naomi has been has been with us since the beginning. Naomi sets the tone for quality and excellence, while at same time helping everyone else succeed. She's proud to be a part of Ecodunia and we are lucky blessed to have her. 

Team player. Leader. Mother.

Team Members

Meet Most of Us

We are a team of 12, including Anto who brings skill, swag, and laughs to the workshop, Rosie and Fredy are anchors for the team, Maria is a wizard with scissors, and Charles and Lilian (not pictured) work with leather. And perhaps most importantly, Cera’s mom Esther keeps the grounds and the team going with two daily meals and mid-afternoon chai breaks.