Get to Know Us

Our Mission

Ecodunia is a social enterprise dedicated to creating dignified work opportunities and breaking the cycle of poverty, while making high-quality, Fairtrade products that honor both the producers and the earth. We foster sustainable opportunities for skill development and capacity-building - and then provide the opportunities to utilize those skills. Like Trevor Noah insightfully noted, teaching someone to fish is essential, but without a fishing rod, the lesson is insufficient. We hone the skills, provide the space to use them effectively, and create a market for the goods.

Ecodunia is not just a business; it's a manifestation of a belief in a sustainable and inclusive economy.  Every product tells a story of local craftsmanship and our commitment to fair-trade practices.

Our Story

Cera grew up on a small subsistence farm in Kenya. At the age of nine, her grandmother’s home and farm were burned down during a civil war. With their home gone, her family moved to a Nairobi s, where her mom traveled two hours each way to work - and still didn’t have enough to make ends meet. Cera didn’t need to spend two years in the Peace Corps to know just how hard life is for the people who have been left behind by the global economy. So, when she got the opportunity to study international development and entrepreneurship at UCLA, she did it with a clear goal in mind: to return to create dignified work opportunities in Kenya. She knew that her community doesn’t need charity - they need opportunity. 

In 2019, Ecodunia began with months of developing relationships with cotton farmers, weavers, leather tanners, and craftspeople. We insist on ethical, fairtrade practices for our employees as well as everyone along our supply chain. Cera designed bags and wallets, trained tailors and leather workers, and slowly, the first Ecodunia products were made. Two years later, she built a workshop in Nairobi’s Eastlands - right where the jobs are needed! Nobody who works for Ecodunia needs to travel more than 20 minutes to work. The workshop has lots of natural light, a beautiful garden in front, and two meals served up daily.

Our Commitment

Dunia is the Swahili word for the World. The name Ecodunia reflects our commitment to the planet and the people. We believe that fair-trade is not just about paying fair prices, but about guaranteeing income. We provide benefits that we believe all people should be entitled to: livable salaries (as opposed to wages), paid time off, paid sick leave, and two meals each day. We are committed to the people and the planet - fair trade top to bottom!

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Why Shop Ecodunia


We are committed to providing dignified work for communities in Africa. We want to make a better future by doing right in the present. We work with local craftspeople, driven to share African products with the rest of the world.

For A Good Cause

Our business is not only driven by profit, but with a mission to lift people out of generational poverty. We support local industry - even the cotton we use is grown and processed in East Africa. Additionally, we use a portion of our profits to provide education to girls in rural Kenya.

Help Our Planet

Our products are made with sustainably grown cotton, recycled materials, and free range leathers. Sustainable industry is key to a thriving planet for everyone. Our products are not made in a corporate factory, they're made with care to benefit generations to come. We do not package our products in plastic.


Wealth inequality is a story of gender and racial inequality. We believe that providing opportunities to traditionally underrepresented people is the best way to make a difference. Vote for equality with how you spend your money. Buy black owned. Buy woman owned.